Our Staff

Dedicated and Experienced Educators
  • Granville Childcare Center Staff

    Highly trained and experienced childcare providers

  • Our staff love giving children opportunities to make discoveries about their world by providing them with the time and space to explore.

  • At our daycare qualified staff will provide learning through play environment throughout the day, where children will have opportunity to explore, and engage in variety of developmental and age appropriate activities individually and as a part of group. Granville childcare program help build individuals strength and providing challenging environment to expand once learning experience.


  • Our Core Skills

    Feel free to explore our core skills
    • Early Literacy Skill

      Knowing all the letters in the alphabet by sight and sound, vocabulary acquisition, phonological awareness, and print awareness

    • Social and Emotional Skill

      This skill helps a child make friends, share, participate in classroom discussions and help child experience.

    • Good Listening Skill

      Learning how to actively listen takes practice and can also be a foundational skill for literacy and language development.

    • Effective Learning Skill

      Our team have the ability to create and manage effective learning environments such as physical space and classroom management

    • Goal Setter

      Ability to set appropriate individualized goals and objectives to advance young children’s development and learning

    • Strong Learning Ability

      Ability to use the learning trajectories: a deep understanding of the content; knowledge of the way children think and learn about the content.

  • Give Your Child The Great Start