Our Staff

Dedicated and Experienced Educators
  • Granville Childcare Center Staff

    Highly trained and experienced childcare providers

  • Our staff love giving children opportunities to make discoveries about their world by providing them with the time and space to explore.

  • At our daycare qualified staff will provide learning through play environment throughout the day, where children will have opportunity to explore, and engage in variety of developmental and age appropriate activities individually and as a part of group. Granville childcare program help build individuals strength and providing challenging environment to expand once learning experience.


    • Parul Panchal

      Parul Panchal


      Beloved children & parents, my name is Parul Panchal.

      I am the director of the Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool.

      I possess a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. Besides being a proud mother of 2 children age 18 and 15 Yrs., I have experience working with children of ages 1 to 12 years. I have also worked as a development specialist for children with special needs.

      I am proud to be a vital contributor to children’s development for the last four years, as the lead teacher and director at “Little People’s Pre-School,” which is currently known as “Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool.” After having tremendous success and support in this community, we are growing and providing daycare services as well.

      I love every minute of making the children’s learning experience enjoyable. I love giving children opportunities to make discoveries about their world by providing them with the time and space to explore.

      I am committed to provide quality care to every child which will become memorable for their life, along with the important qualities of being friendly and patient.

    • Daxa Patel

      Daxa Patel


      Dear children and parents, my name is Daxa Patel and I am one of the directors of the Granville Childcare Centre. I finished a Bachelor of Arts and I took a primary teacher training course for two years in India. I have worked in an elementary school for three years in Anand, India and I greatly enjoyed my experience with children. For six years I worked in a day home and daycare in Edmonton. Besides that, I am a proud mother of two intelligent sons, who are currently 18 and 14.

      I promise to provide a good quality of care in our center and will focus on every child. This will allow them to enjoy our center, learn good manners and develop a positive attitude. Furthermore, they will develop their mind, body and soul in a safe and relaxed environment, where your child’s individual needs are met within a group setting. We’ll teach positive reinforcement in our daily curriculum and our mission is to provide the best quality care and reinforce a program that will enable everyone to reach their highest potential. This means teaching them to communicate and encouraging them to grow into mature and moral individuals.

  • Our Core Skills

    Feel free to explore our core skills
    • Early Literacy Skill

      Knowing all the letters in the alphabet by sight and sound, vocabulary acquisition, phonological awareness, and print awareness

    • Social and Emotional Skill

      This skill helps a child make friends, share, participate in classroom discussions and help child experience.

    • Good Listening Skill

      Learning how to actively listen takes practice and can also be a foundational skill for literacy and language development.

    • Effective Learning Skill

      Our team have the ability to create and manage effective learning environments such as physical space and classroom management

    • Goal Setter

      Ability to set appropriate individualized goals and objectives to advance young children’s development and learning

    • Strong Learning Ability

      Ability to use the learning trajectories: a deep understanding of the content; knowledge of the way children think and learn about the content.

  • Give Your Child The Great Start